Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Disruptive sky!
"Super Blue Blood Moon" - Jan. 31, 2018
The celestial event last happened 150 years ago
[for immediate release]

Dear All,

We are very pleased to share with you what is truly, for us, the paradigm-shift project people have long been waiting for in a while now, and that will positively and deeply disrupt the current economy.

We aspire to make it our contribution for the society for a better and sustainable world.

This would certainly sees the occurrence of a global, connected and new "new-economy", based on the multiple existing networks. We call it NWSE (NetWorkS Economy).

Obviously, NWSE is also referring here to the cardinal points: North, West, South and East.
The World. Our World.

Rather than trying, at all costs, to Change-The-World, sometimes, it is more simple to think how to inspire people to explore its infinite possibilities, freely and for free...
This is PARAD.

The [x]Cardinal Points
People will be able to have the power of decision, to choose and make possible the world they choose to live in, and the world they need to be in.
Me, She, He, They, You can Choose-Your-World(s)!

PARAD aims to be a tech-collaborative project to deliver a totally free and full quality products and services for all consumers.
No "low-cost". No "cheap". No "poor quality". No "pseudo-free".
It will be always and totally free.

We would say:
More than free, it is FREEDOM!

The main idea is also to disrupt the communication processes and mechanisms, because we believe that there are no such disruptive ideas without a disruptive (new ways of) communication, and precisely, this is exactly what we are doing right now!
We dare to hope that in the near 2020s, with the emergence of all these disruptive innovations: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Web3, AI, IoT, Quantum computing,… and many other beautiful promises, and promising technologies, we could finally dream of a better Model of Society.

Disruptive World!
Concept/Design: Nacym Baghli
Original image: Facebook Network / Source: Internet
PARAD aims to incarnate a radically new model of society, in french, "une Parade"...

PARAD is for parado[X]
PARAD is for parad[Y]gm
PARAD is for paradi[Z]e

We believe that: We could offer more for less, and even for free.
We need to.

We believe that we can offer even more, for zero (money), with 100% intelligence, while growing and advancing our economy, and society, for the benefit of all:
Providers, Investors and, first and foremost, Consumers!
For that, we need all the bright minds to develop, in a collaborative way, what we call "the beautiful Algorithm" inside the PARAD core that will be at the heart of the coming new era we are all expecting.
So, if you want us to disrupt by exploring deeply and together our beautiful world, please join us. You are more than welcome!

Wish you all the best,

Nacym Baghli

Jan. 31, 2018

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